December 16, 2010

Why Big Businesses Fail to Innovate

A month or so back, I wrote a blog post on why big businesses typically don't produce very innovative products and services.

Why do so many large, and particularly older organisations find it difficult to innovate? While most understand that creating new and different ways to serve their customers is a path to competitive advantage, few actually do it.

Why is it difficult for someone in a large organisation to do things differently, when in smaller companies, the same person may find no resistance?

Looking at the few large organisations that do innovate consistently, such as Apple, Procter & Gamble, Google and 3M, there are some fundamentally different approaches that can lead to innovation. However, there are also some tenets that govern the culture of innovative organisations that are absent in others. In this regard, it’s valuable to discuss what is absent in the everyday large organisation that impedes innovation...

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