November 29, 2007

Building the UX Dreamteam

After much writing and re-writing, the first part of an article I wrote called "Building the UX Dreamteam" is now up on Boxes and Arrows. Boy, who would've thought that putting together your thoughts could be so hard? I'm very happy that I had good editors, in particular, Chris Palle who really directed me how to cut this article into shape - Thanks mate.

"Finding the right person to compliment your User Experience team is part art and part luck. Though good interviewing can limit the risk of a bad hire, you need to carefully analyze your current organizational context, before you can know what you need. Herein lies the art. Since you can’t truly know a candidate from an interview, you gamble that their personality and skills are what they seem. Aimed at managers and those involved in the hiring decision process, this article looks at the facets of UX staff and offers ways to identify the skills and influence that will tune your team to deliver winning results."

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