September 07, 2007

Visual Vocabulary for Rich Internet Applications

The Slides, Handouts and Podcast of my talk at Adaptive Path's UX Week 2007 are here for your viewing and listening pleasure.

If you'd like to join the myfamily site set up to discuss this topic, download the handout and see the last page for a link.

"Flow diagrams are a key component of an interaction design specification. Jesse James Garrett’s Visual Vocabulary uses a set of simple shapes to diagram user flow and illustrate basic relationships between webpages. However, using Visual Vocabulary to describe more sophisticated behaviors of “rich” interfaces — enabled by technologies such as AJAX, Flash and Ruby on Rails — can sometimes prove challenging. But with some additions and creative modifications, Garrett’s language can actually be used to effectively communicate the design of a rich or conditional UI.

In this session, you will:

  1. Gain a deeper appreciation of the power and flexibility of Garrett’s Visual Vocabulary.
  2. Discover how to utilize an augmented Visual Vocabulary to describe the dynamic nature of rich or conditional interfaces.
  3. Learn tips and tricks to improving your flow diagrams through the addition of key information.
  4. Find new ways to bring unrealized clarity to your specifications, illustrated via a series of specific examples."
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