July 19, 2007

UX Week 2007 is coming

Adaptive Path are having their UX Week in Washington DC August 13-16, 2007. It promises to be an interesting set of talks and panels, with a good focus on designing in Agile environments, tools for doing so and naturally plenty of Web 2.0 topics too.

It's testament to the industry's health that the user experience discipline has conferences dedicated to it. The Adaptive Path conferences tend to be more practical than others, which is extraordinarily valuable for maturing the practice. To build an identifiable discipline (such as 'programming' for example) the methods we use must be common. It's vital that all UX folk are conversant in tried and true tools, as much for their own benefit, as for those who are trying to identify what UX work looks like.

Conferences like this also provide an opportunity to showcase new thinking in established areas, or new technologies and methodologies. For my part, I'll be presenting modifications to Jesse James Garrett's Visual Vocabulary – using them to diagram the flow of rich internet applications. Check it out at the conference website. I'll also be sitting on Dan Brown's panel to discuss how design methods and documents are changing with the Web 2.0 era - it promises to be a lively discussion!

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