August 15, 2006

3d Painted rooms

This is way cool...

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August 14, 2006

So you think you are an interaction designer?

"So you think you are an interaction designer? Not if you cannot answer all the following questions quickly and with authority."

Bruce Toggazzini has a way of making me feel horribly inferior as an interaction designer... which is probably a fitting response to someone who is as knowledgable as he. Having written the book on interaction design for Apple and others, its hard not to get down on bended knee and mutter "we are not worthy".

This article goes into Fitts' Law, and is really useful for conceptualizing why as designers we do things the way we do, or should I say "Why we put things in the places we do".

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August 03, 2006

Minority Report interface & a glimpse into the future

Jeff Han presented at the TED Conference (Technology Entertainment Design) an interface that comes straight out of the movie "Minority Report" - its all dynamic and notably sans-mouse & keyboard or any other third party interaction device. I was blown away at how effortlessly Jeff seemed to be able to manipulate objects directly on a screen in this demo seen here. Using more than one finger at a time you can move, resize and position objects while the things on screen react very similarly to the way they would in the physical world. I think this is a glimpse at the future here, but actually realized, not a movie fantasy. Thanks to Dak Elliot for finding this one.

Another interesting phenomenon is the spot presenting the demo done by 'Geek Brief TV' which is a video podcast. In closing the presenter mentions she'll be haning out on Second Life, a social computer game that simulates reality.

Keep up Gen X... technology and society is moving fast. In that one Geek Brief TV spot, we saw three things that are revolutionary.

  1. A professionally edited podcast. That's the type of thing that will eventually end TV as we know it.
  2. An interface that signifies the next step in seamless interfacing with technology.
  3. A presenter who will be promoting her product, essentially doing business (as many now are) in a virtual world.

I'm feeling old all of a sudden.

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August 01, 2006

Memory Miner

Not sure who'd actually be bothered with all this assigning metadata to a photo or album... an Information Architect if nobody else. Regardless, its a good example of what can be achieved with clever interfaces for adding metadata in a fun, engaging way. Could get tiresome after the novelty wore off though.

Take a look at the somewhat quaint tour, complete with messy desktop and un-prepared script. Its good for showing what it does if you don't get hung up on the "Exclusive from my basement" feel.

Memory Miner

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Usability trends

My good man Alexander Muir forwarded me this rather good article which is a snapshot of the usability industry right now. As ever, the debate is about techniques which are progressive vs traditional.

Is usability testing as we know it about to radically change?

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