January 14, 2006

Hello World in 2006

This year I intend to Blog more. For goodness sake, I couldn't possibly blog less than last year, which was an altogehter abysmal effort on my part.

My time is more scarce these days. I am writing a book (sporadically) and work harder for 'the man' now than I did at the BBC. Corporate America just demands more of my time than Jolly Old England did. There's more to do outside of work hours too. I've taken up racing sailing boats once a week during the summer. I can't imagine doing that on the Thames. The most activity I did on a boat there was lifting a pint glass to my mouth. I miss the Queen Mary and the company I kept on her.

There's less paid holidays to be had and at least an hour of extra work every day. The bigger percentage of every day is invariably spent working for the company.

The sad part is that I'm not learning as much nowadays and perhaps thats why I've felt less inclined to blog the process of my opening eyes. It takes time to learn things. Time to research. Time to watch trends. Time that I spend now actually earning my keep.

I've spent the better part of the last six months trying to hire Information Architects for my team. I can usually secure one for a while, then for some reason they all want to fly away to far flung places. In the meantime, I have to manage a team and be a senior IA practitioner too. Frankly, its gruelling at times.

So, the resolutions for this year are to call my mother more often and to get the damn workload to a point where I have time to think again. Think and write those thoughts here. Know any good IAs or Interaction Designers who need work in Seattle?

Good luck me.

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