May 30, 2004

MT Blacklist

Thanks to Yoz's recommendation I've installed an antispam plug in to this blog called MT Blacklist which can be downloaded from Jay Allen's site as per the link. It should make light work of reducing the deluge of spam I get on this blog so I can actually start contributing to it again rather than just 'weeding' all the time. More extreme measures can be found on Yoz's site here.

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May 10, 2004


This blog has become so badly spammed now that I have to turn off public comments because I spend the time I would've spent writing on it, weeding out the "Nice site" comments by Mr Penis Enlargement and friends. I know there's something I can do about this, but it involves thought, effort and 'playing' with code, all of which don't come naturally to me. It may be a few weeks...

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